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Anyone who knows me will tell you that one of my very favorite things is being outside.  My love of sunshine inspired the name of this blog and I am always trying to find new ways to enjoy time in nature.  One of the original reasons I adopted running as a main source of exercise is because it allows me to spend time outside on any given day, when an all day hike (one of my all-time favorite activities) may not be an option.

As I started to run further distances more frequently, I started to realize what I valued most in a running shoe.  The most important factor to me by far is having a lightweight shoe, but I also wanted to find one that supported me enough that I wouldn’t accidentally twist my ankle on a trail.  The Brooks Pureflow has been my dream shoe- it’s snug and secure enough that I feel agile and comfortable running on trails, but lightweight enough that I don’t lose any speed.  If you aren’t sure what shoe would be best for you, you can try out the Brooks Shoe Finder and answer a few easy questions and watch the magic unfold to find your perfect running shoe!

One of the other main workout items I like to invest in are exercise pants.  Nike makes some of my favorite running capris and while they can sometimes reach really outrageous prices, I have definitely found ones I love for under $50.  I always watch the Nike website for sales, but I’ve also found great deals at Dick’s Sporting Goods and Nike Factory Stores.  One of the greatest things about shopping for workout gear is that you always need it, and the lines between seasons can blur a little bit- so you can always wait for things to go on sale or find a good deal somewhere.

Part of my pursuit to live an active and healthy lifestyle has led to my embrace of a Fitbit.  While this slate blue rubber band may not be the most eye-catching item I’ve featured on the blog, its use far outweighs any other ‘bracelet’ I have ever worn.  I love keeping track of how much I’ve walked during the day, and the reminder to get up and move if I’ve been sitting all day long.  A great feature of the Fitbit app that I love is the ability to track your exercise, calories, sleep, and water intake as well; depending on which of those areas you’re looking to improve in.  I primarily use the sleep and water functions, since those are two areas I am actively trying to improve in.  There are all sorts of Fitbit options, depending on your priorities, but there really is one for everyone!  I have had my eye on the beautiful Tory Burch Fitbit bracelets for a while now to finally turn this functional piece into a fashionable one as well!

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Outfit Details- Tee: Brooks | Capris: Nike | Sneakers: Brooks | Wristband: Fitbit

Thanks so much for reading! Hope your week is off to a great start!

xo, C