After our morning in Muir Woods and the Marin Headlands, we headed over to Sausalito just in time for the fog to burn off and give way to a beautiful, sunshine-filled afternoon.  The quaint seaside town offers a perfect escape from the bustling city.  We parked on Bridgeway, the main street by the water.  It served as the perfect central location to explore the waterfront, where we would have happily spent the entire day watching boats sail by.  (If you can’t find street parking, check out the lot on Ensign Street!)  The Sausalito Boardwalk or Bridgeway Promenade are two perfect spots for a relaxing stroll!

There are tons of cute spots to pop in and out of along Bridgeway, but the ones you shouldn’t miss are Bubble Street Gallery, Soxalito, and Hubba Hubba!

Since we didn’t act quickly enough to find a houseboat to stay in like Bryan had wanted, we made sure we at least had time to go see them.  People do live here, so remember to be as courteous as possible.  We had no problems walking around the docks and checking them all – making sure we took our pictures from afar!

I had a pretty hefty list of potential restaurants to try, which was frustrating considering we only had time for two meals!  There are lots of big name places with big menu prices, but I tend to pass those over more often than not.  My honorable mentions are Copita, Sushi Ran, and Le Garage!

Sausalito Taco Shop is a cool local joint to check out for California style mexican food, but Bar Bocce was the real winner in my book.  With a super cool idea (an outdoor bocce court) and a beautiful location right on the water, it was a great spot to enjoy the sunny afternoon.  To boot, their pizzas were really delicious as well!