I hope I’m not the only one who feels this way, but this morning I looked at my phone and was shocked to find that it was already January 6th!  The holiday season definitely got the worst of me, in terms of both slipping into unhealthy habits and also getting sick, so I definitely needed the last six days to get back on my feet before fully diving into the new year.

These days, I get the feeling that everyone is a cynic.  It’s more common to hate things like New Year’s Resolutions and Valentine’s Day than to embrace them, for fear of being a cliche yourself.  In my opinion, the post holiday season is the best time to get yourself back on track and working towards the things you value and aspire to, when they can all slip away so easily during the holidays.  The way I see it, January and February (and even March) are such slow months that there is really no better time to start getting yourself back into good habits.  If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times: writing down our goals helps us commit to them. Instead of picking a vague resolution such as “be healthier” or “exercise more”, I find picking one particular goal with an action plan I can stick to will help me achieve an end destination is much more feasible and successful.  I picked four attainable goals (two health related and two fashion related) that I believe will lead me to a happier and healthier lifestyle.  So here are my goals and plans for 2015.

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