Global Running Day


Happy Memorial Day everyone!  I hope you all are having a wonderful day with your loved ones, remembering the brave men and women who gave their lives for our freedom.  It’s one of my favorite days of the year and I feel so blessed that I get to live in this great country.

Another day I feel so grateful for is Global Running Day, which is this Wednesday.  Running is something that takes up a lot of real estate in my heart, which is apparent in how much I talk about it on a fashion blog.  When everything in my life felt out of control, running gave me a place to feel safe.  The discipline it demanded and the jurisdiction I had over my own two legs gave me the confidence to approach other aspects of my life.  When all else fails, I know I’m only one workout away from a good mood.

Join me in embarking on a healthier and fitter life by pledging to run Wednesday for Global Running Day here!  See you all on the road!! 😉


Outfit Details – Tee: New Balance | Shorts: New Balance | Sneakers: New Balance

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Lost in the Woods


Running (or walking) in nature is one of my favorite things ever.  Getting lost in the beauty of the world we live in and taking myself away from the chaos of life is often the only medicine I need to turn my mood around.  It’s one of the reasons I always fall into a slump from January through March, when I’m not getting the chance to reconnect with nature and disconnect from the busy trap.

A safety feature of running in the woods for me is definitely to wear bright colors. One of my favorite trails happens to wind through hunting grounds, so we always have to make sure to dress bold and bright enough for hunters to see us.  One of the cool parts about running in nature is it hasn’t been altered by man, but that also means having to take proper precautions to avoid injury.  These running sneakers from New Balance are the perfect trail blazers to tackle any sort of natural terrain, and cushioned enough to keep me going as long as my mind needs to unwind and reset.


Outfit Details – Tee: New Balance | Shorts: New Balance | Shoes: New Balance

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Fresh Foam New Balance

Today’s look is featured in one of my favorite New Balance hues for spring workout gear-toxic!  It can be easy to fall into a rut with your workout routine, always going to the same gym and doing the same exercises day after day.  When the weather starts to warm up I’m always anxious to jump back outside and start mixing up my routine a bit.  The first way of coping with this is naturally to buy bright and fun workout clothes, like these gems from New Balance!

IMG_1054 IMG_1023 IMG_1027

One of my old standby “non-gym” routines is running stairs.  I vividly recall a family vacation to Hawaii during which my dad would come knocking on the kids’ hotel room bright and early in the morning and round us all up for “Camp Hummer” to make sure we got some sort of fitness in for the day.  Sometimes these activities involved something exciting like hiking a volcano.  Other times they were just finding some stairs at the hotel that we could run up and down, only slightly inconveniencing the other patrons, before we could eat our body weight in waffles at the hotel brunch buffet.  Running stairs is a great way to spice up your workout, with the added benefit of keeping you from weezing when walking up stairs in day to day life ;).  My dad continued this tradition in finding stairs at the local high school or the Wachusett Dam to send us racing up after we got back from vacation, and it just stuck!

IMG_1005 IMG_1007 IMG_1015

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Outfit Details – Top: New Balance | Capris: New Balance | Sneakers: New Balance

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Made to Move

IMG_0586 IMG_0541

I wanted to start today’s post by saying what an absolute dream and honor it is to be an affiliate of such a strong and prominent Boston brand as New Balance.  Their new headquarters in Brighton is an innovative and architectural treasure, and I love supporting a brand who advocates philanthropy and social responsibility, while being environmentally conscious and committed to making their shoes in the US.  Above all, I wholeheartedly agree with their core value: we were born to move.

IMG_0533 IMG_0545 IMG_0577 IMG_0603 IMG_0606

Always innovating to find ways to keep us comfortable and motivated, the New Balance items I have featured here are all equipped with the proper technology from cushioning to mesh to keep you inspired to push yourself to the next level.  Once I decided on my sneakers, I did a quick search for the ‘Dragonfly’ color to see what I could match up with them (obviously), and I ultimately decided on this Marathon tee that I love, it’s a bit more fun and different than all of my other workout tops!  I also love these shorts, this tank, and this short sleeve top!

IMG_0526 IMG_0537 (1)IMG_0587

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IMG_0610 IMG_0617 IMG_0586

Outfit Details – Tee: New Balance | Tights: New Balance | Sneakers: New Balance

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