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by Caitlin Hummer

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Color Confidence

When Vogue first called Spring/Summer 2017 the season of “color confidence”, you know I was the first one to buy in.  As a lover of color, I was so excited to embrace the warm oranges, bright blues, and bold pinks.  Pretty much every shade of yellow is in right now, from mustard to neon, but since yellow has never been the best color on my skin tone, I chose to embrace its friendly neighbors, pink and orange, in this bold spring outfit.

Outfit Details – Tee: GAP (old, similar here) | Skirt: J.Crew | Shoes: LC Lauren Conrad | Jacket: Lucky Brand |Necklace: Elizabeth and James

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a wonderful weekend!

xo, C

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Saved By The Bell


Happy Hump Day my loves!  Today’s outfit is brought to you a few hours early of tonight’s date night.  I’m heading down to Connecticut for work and brought B along as my male model (which was a fun change of pace, since he’s used to being behind the lens ;)).  We’ll end up being there until rush hour, so instead of sitting in bumper to bumper, we found a restaurant to host our weekly Wednesday date night.  Hesitant that my work outfit was not entirely appropriate, I found this beautiful spring top at Ann Taylor to bring, along with these reliable Steve Madden heels from last summer.  Saved by the bell sleeve.


Outfit Details – Top: Ann Taylor (also comes in a really pretty green!) | Jeans: Lucky Brand | Heels: Steve Madden (also available here and here) | Sunglasses: Coach | Earrings: Banana Republic (old, similar here) | Necklace: Elizabeth and James | Lip gloss: Nars ‘Chelsea Girls’ | Lipstick: NARS ‘Cruising’ | Nails: Essie “Bachelorette Bash”

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy your weekend!

xo, C

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Now and Later Cold Shoulder Sweater

Hey everyone, happy Monday!  Hope you all had a great weekend.  Today I’m going to be sharing two ways to wear this cold shoulder sweater from LOFT.  B told me it was cute twice the first day I wore it so you KNOW it must be doing something right.  My favorite part about the cold shoulder trend is how easily it blends the gaps between seasons.  I can wear it with jeans on a colder spring day, or throw on a pencil skirt when the weather is more on the mild side!


Outfit Details – Sweater: LOFT | Skirt: Banana Republic | Jeans: Lucky Brand | Earrings: Banana Republic (old, similar here) | Necklace: Elizabeth and James | Lip gloss: Nars ‘Chelsea Girls’ | Lipstick: NARS ‘Cruising’ | Nails: Essie “Bachelorette Bash”


Thanks for reading!  Hope you have a great week!

xo, C

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Out Like a Lion

Hello my darlings!  Welcome back.  I can hardly believe today is the last day of March.  My boss always makes an adopted version of the old poem and says in Massachusetts March is “In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lion” (not a lamb!)  I somehow have felt even colder this week – presumably because my heart is ready for skirts and sandals and it makes the cold air feel so much worse!  Especially this snow storm we’re getting today… Major eye roll.

This has been my go-to combination for a coffee date or drinks with friends recently.  When I just want to take off the tights and put on something warm but still look put together, a cute top and a leather jacket never let me down.  Lately I’ve been throwing on these super cute blush flats any chance I can – they are perfectly on trend and are comfortable enough to walk around downtown in a hurry to get inside again!

Outfit Details – Top: Banana Republic Factory Store | Jacket: Express | Jeans: Lucky Brand | Shoes: Kelly and Katie | Earrings: Banana Republic (old, similar here) | Necklace: Elizabeth and James | Lip gloss: Nars ‘Chelsea Girls’ | Lipstick: NARS ‘Cruising’ | Nails: Essie “Bachelorette Bash”

Thank you so much for stopping by!  What’s your go to casual date night look?  Sound off in the comments!

xo, C


Five Favorite Things

 Happy Monday everyone!  Today I wanted to spice things up a bit and talk about five things that I have been loving so far this year, but haven’t quite made it onto the blog!  I started this blog as a way to share my favorite things, but usually that’s only in regard to fashion.  If you want to see more posts like this let me know in the comments and I’ll share more of the things I’ve been loving outside of my usual recommendations. 


Salt Lamp.  Salt Lamps have been really trending for a while, and you can find them everywhere from Bed, Bath, and Beyond to your local vitamin shop.  I got mine from Urban Outfitters (I was trying to get to the $50 free shipping with something else I was buying!) but you can definitely find some more affordable options elsewhere (my mom bought my dad and grandmother one at Bed, Bath, and Beyond).  I really needed it in the first few months of the year to combat my Seasonal Affective Disorder, but the benefits are nearly unlimited and I’ve certainly experienced my fair share of them.  You can read about some salt lamp benefits here, and I also liked this article about salt lamps if you’re looking to learn more!

The Inspiralizer.  When B and I decided to try Whole3o in January, I went after one of the famed Inspiralizers.  It had been on my mind for at least a year, but Whole30 finally gave me the excuse I had been waiting for!  We’ve tried a few of the Inspiralized recipes (I was obsessed with these fajita bowls!) and also managed to make my dad’s famed pesto with zucchini noodles – it was delicious, and I’m dying to bring it to game night and see what my family thinks of it!

Sweet Peach Palette.  I have been living and dying for this relaunched Too Faced palette.  My go-to every day eye shadow look combines white peach, peaches ‘n cream, georgia, purse, caramelized, and luscious. It’s the perfect soft and bold brown eye, but I also love creating looks in hues of pink and purple. This palette really does it all.  Plus, it smells mouth-wateringly like peaches.  What more could you want??


Alarm Clock.  I have been pondering the addition of an analog clock to my makeup area so I can keep track of time.  This one was an instant winner as soon as I saw it.  I love the brushed finish, the traditional alarm style, and the soft color.  As an added bonus it works great for a backup alarm if you aren’t a fan of the cell phone! (You can shop the acrylic spa cylinder set here, and the single one here).

Taco Trucks.  These amazing taco trucks take the handy stands that restaurants have to a whole new level.  They’re fun, they’re functional, they’re dishwasher/microwave safe, and they can be at your door in two days with Amazon Prime.  Need I say more?
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you all have a great week!

xo, C


Cooking With Blue Apron

Hey everyone, welcome back!  At this point, we have all heard of Blue Apron.  Their advertising game is impressive and everyone seems to know someone who knows someone who is absolutely obsessed, but they are still unsure and looking for more convincing.  Today, I’m hoping to shed some light on my experience and answer all of your questions about Blue Apron!

You all know I really love food.  One of my favorite activities is trying new restaurants and new food.  My biggest problem with this is that I am not huge into cooking for myself.

It isn’t because of unwillingness; it’s just that cooking for two can be such an unrewarding process.  I always struggle with buying food that can be used for different dishes in the same week, and as a result I seem to never go through all my groceries before they spoil.  As an added setback, B and I are incredibly indecisive.  We’ll walk around the grocery store or downtown for twenty minutes before just giving in to hanger and deciding on a standby (make tacos, order a pizza, etc).  We’ve also been trying to eat at home more, but I’m underwhelmed more often than not at the lack of flavors I’ve been able to pull together for myself.

Exasperated with wastefulness and palette boredom, I decided to give Blue Apron a try.  One of the things that instantly caught my attention was the perfectly portioned meals, so nothing goes to waste.  That was a huge selling point.  The other was the menu.  Instead of merely offering a slew of traditional American items, Blue Apron has a wide variety of original recipes that have all sorts of flavors including coconut curry, piccata, and chipotle; creating dishes I probably would never be able to concoct on my own.  When we went online to put together our first week’s menu, I was really impressed with the gourmet meals Blue Apron trusted us to create!

When I got the notification that my first Blue Apron box had been delivered (via Slice app!) I was a little nervous.  It was mid afternoon and I wouldn’t be home for a few more hours.  I was relieved when I started the unboxing and the meat was still nearly frozen thanks to the super strength ice packs and insulation.

The waste is a big selling point for me, and I imagine for most other people as well.  Almost all of the Blue Apron packaging can be recycled, and the meals are perfectly portioned out for you.  That means if B and I want to have burgers, we only get two buns, not eight like at the grocery store!

There is so much flavor in each dish I would highly recommend not using as much (or any) of the salt they recommend.  Our big takeaway: Blue Apron offers restaurant level flavor from your own kitchen.  Take a look at the pictures from my first box below (I used the handy Blue Apron app for filters and the recipe captions!)

My favorite dish of this box was the falafel pitas.  Luckily I was able to save the recipe on my Blue Apron app so that even when they’re not on the menu, I can make this easy and delicious recipe another night of the week, and try even more Blue Apron meals in my delivery box!

And now for my favorite part…. Click here to receive $30 off your first Blue Apron meal!  The program has great value and this deal just makes it that much sweeter!

If you have any questions about the Blue Apron program I would be more than happy to answer them!  Leave me a comment or send an email to – I love talking about it!

A special thank you to the Blue Apron Affiliate Program for working with me, and all of you for supporting the brands that make The Sol Compass possible!

Happy Cooking!

xo, C

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Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Welcome back friends!  I am not the least bit surprised that I have been living in these adorable yellow heels since they arrived on my doorstep.  For the cold and overcast New England days they are the perfect way to bring a touch of spring and sunshine into my outfits without breaking out the open toe shoes (there is still a foot of snow on the ground, after all).

Outfit Details – Sweater: GAP | Skirt: J.Crew (old, similar here and here) | Necklace: Banana Republic | Purse: Express | Heels: Charles by Charles David (more sizes available here, similar here) (last seen here) | Earrings: Treasure&Bond (sold out, similar here) | Lipstick: MAC ‘Kinda Sexy’ | Lipgloss: Too Faced ‘Papa Don’t Peach’


Thanks so much for stopping by!  Happy Hump Day!

xo, C