Full Disclosure

The Sol Compass is a part of several affiliate programs and marketing partnerships.  This means I may receive a small commission on sales of the products that I show and recommend.  I do also receive gifted products from brands that may be featured on the blog, marked c/o.  I will only showcase products that I truly love and only partner with companies that I believe fit the dynamic of The Sol Compass along with my own personal style.  As always, thank you so much for supporting the brands that make The Sol Compass possible!


A word about sizing.  A lot of bloggers post their sizes in items that they’re wearing online.  This has always felt strange to me, like I’m posting a weird brag if I tell you I’m wearing an XS or 0.  If you have a question about sizing (what I’m wearing, if the item runs true to size, etc) here or on Instagram, feel free to ask!  I’ll always answer any questions you have via comments, DMs, or emails!

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