The Sol Compass

by Caitlin Hummer


Why did you start your blog?

Three of my favorite things in the world are fashion, traveling, and food.  For years I had photographed my outfits and noted my favorite places for myself, and then later consulted these notes and photos when my family, friends, and coworkers asked for tips and advice.  I had been following all of the big name bloggers, but my favorites were always the ones that were a little less popular, more unique and accessible to those of us who just want to incorporate some style into our everyday lives however we can (House of Harper is my all time favorite blog, and Caroline was hands down the deciding factor for me to start my blog).  I am a creator by nature, but I felt like my job wasn’t giving me the opportunity to stretch my artistic inclinations.  I wanted an opportunity to hone my appreciation for aesthetics in the physical world and find a way to translate them into the virtual world that I was unaware and curious of, and I loved the idea of having my own place where I could create outfit inspiration for everyone, write more, and explore the world of website development.  So I founded The Sol Compass in September of 2014 to exercise that creativity and share my finds formally with others.


Why did you name your blog The Sol Compass?

I am constantly chasing the sun.  Gray and rainy days are the bane of my existence, and I find myself coping with my unusual craving for perfect weather by gravitating towards bright clothes, colorful entrees, or exotic getaways.  I grew up in New England and am stereotypically passionate about sailing, the sea, and traveling.  The finds showcased here are my compass to my own personal sunshine, which is essentially synonymous with happiness in my book. It has definitely been a difficult name to spread via word-of-mouth, but there is nothing that fits me and my blog better.


What sort of posting schedule do you follow?

New posts go live Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6AM Eastern Standard Time!  I try to keep a variety of weekend, work, and event outfits on rotation, but it largely depends on the weather and my schedule and what I’m able to photograph in my free time.  I post makeup and beauty products whenever I find a new one that I love and think you all will also!  You can find all of my routines and favorites under the Beauty Bar category.


What kind of camera do you use and who takes your photos?

I use a Canon EOS Rebel T5i, and I use a combination of iPhoto and Photoshop to edit my photos.  Usually my sister and my mom take my pictures, but from time to time when I’m desperate I’ve asked a friend to take them for me!



What are your must have fashion and beauty products?

Truthfully, the number one beauty product I cannot live without is Burt’s Bees lip balm (I prefer the peppermint flavor), but bareMinerals Lash Domination mascara is a close second!  My favorite clothing items are definitely faux leather jackets and high-waisted A-line skirts, in their respective seasons.  And also lace.  Anything lace.


What is your diet and exercise routine?

As far as a diet is concerned, I am absolutely the worst example to follow.  I try to eat well during the day- fruit for breakfast, salads and sandwiches for lunch, and lots of produce for dinner- but I definitely ruin that by crushing a bag of Smartfood with my siblings when we curl up for a Friday movie night, or go out for ice cream five days in a row during the summer, because I have zero self control.  Giving up sugary drinks was definitely one of my greatest health accomplishments- I lost a ton of weight by changing nothing else in my diet.  Now I even look at green juice or a kale smoothie as a treat (natural sugar is still sugar), and stick with water, soy lattes, and unsweetened iced tea.  If you’re trying to give up soda, I used seltzer as a major crutch to kick that terrible habit and it was really helpful!  In regards to fitness, one of my biggest exercise motivators is my passion for good food, because I truly love to eat.  The top thing I’ve learned is there really is no ‘one size fits all’ recipe for fitness.  My love for being outside propelled me into hiking and running, and I have totally become addicted to the high of a good cardio workout and the alone time with nature.  I love waking up early, getting a slow start to my day will leave me grumpy for hours, so during the winter I go to the gym before work, knowing that I’m about 90% less likely to workout that day if I don’t first thing in the morning.  Sometimes this means I work out with the older people at the gym instead of the other 20somethings, but that’s what works for me and definitely puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day.  The alarm going off earlier doesn’t make much of a difference for me, because I find it so much easier to put my feet on the floor in the morning to get to the gym on time (my college softball coach promised me I would thank her for those 5AM Saturday workouts one day….).  I really believe there’s nothing better than waking up for a good old sunrise sweat session.  Except maybe ordering a guilt-free pizza for dinner.  Because, pizza.