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One of the most disputed issues of fashion’s place in today’s society is photoshopping and unrealistic beauty expectations.  While I am a huge advocate of looking your personal best, everyone’s best looks different, and there’s beauty in the uniqueness of everyone.  So my vow to my blog is to stay true to my own voice, style, and appearance.  While I do use Photoshop to edit my pictures – enhance the colors, crop out unnecessary background, and occasionally edit out a stray hair or pesky pimple – I will never use it to trim off extra arm fat, or stretch my body thinner, or contour muscles where I don’t actually have any.  I love my little corner of the internet and I owe it to myself and to my readers to keep it authentic and realistic.

I like to keep things positive on The Sol Compass, because no one wants to come read a fashion blog by a Debbie Downer that will put a damper on their day.  I’m a pretty happy and optimistic person most days, but sometimes the stress of life gets to me like it does anyone.  I don’t review the products I don’t like on the blog, I choose to leave them off and only share the products I love with you in an attempt to keep the reviews happy and positive.  I won’t lie about a product and say that I love it if I don’t, and I only share products and brands that I truly believe in.  That being said, my mom always told me “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all” and that’s the mantra I choose to bring over to this blog.

So along with my pledge to you, this will be where I post my blooper pics, because I take many unsavory pictures and make incredibly unattractive faces from time to time.

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