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Hello everyone, welcome to The Sol Compass, a collection of my own personal sunshine.  I’m Caitlin.  Literature loving, endlessly curious, creative INTP observing life from behind my millennial pink aviators.  I am hopelessly enthusiastic about aesthetics and love playing devil’s advocate.  In my free time I am probably doing anything outside or searching for my new favorite restaurant.

The Sol Compass originated as a way of collecting my daily inspirations; hoping to inspire others to live their best life through fashionable adventures as well.  Personal style is my favorite way of expressing myself, and I truly believe you cannot be stylish without being smart.  Fashion is the easiest and quickest way of showing someone who you are, and who you want to be.  Traveling was one of the early loves of my life, and I explore new places at every chance I can.  Local adventures and explorations in and around New England are constantly breathing new life into me as I discover and fall in love with more and more beautiful things.
In 2014, I went to 18 concerts and 11 shows.  I swam in two different oceans, visited nine states, tried countless new restaurants, and fell in love with my life in a way I never knew was possible.  It was a year of my life when I truly realized how beautiful and diverse the world is, and learned that inspiration could be found anywhere.  Suddenly, I found myself craving a place where I could document these inspirations and create my own content.  One day in late August, I decided to start a blog.

I am humbled and excited every day that I am able to put my eye for aesthetics to use; curating inspiring content, assembling beautiful outfits, delving into my exciting travels, and sharing other bits and pieces of my life with you.  This blog has been the most unexpected adventure of all, so if you’re reading this, I want to thank you from the very bottom of my heart for making The Sol Compass a reality.  I hope it can help guide you towards your own personal sunshine.

xo, C

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