The Sol Compass

by Caitlin Hummer

Meet the Blogueuse


Welcome to The Sol Compass, a collection of my own personal sunshine.

My name is Caitlin.  I’m a 25 year old Bostonian and the Founder/Editor of The Sol Compass.

I started The Sol Compass as a way of combining all of my favorite things, while also seizing an opportunity to satisfy my endless desire to learn new things.  A few topics I love to discuss ad nauseam are fashion, food, and travel; but what I love most of all is sharing the things I find and love with other people.  The internet seemed like the perfect platform to reach the maximum number of people, and would give me a chance to spend my evenings and weekends doing another thing that I love (writing) while I learned about coding, search engine optimization, and honing my grasp on digital aesthetics (which, little did I know, would turn out to be a huge help in my career).

Personal style is my favorite way of expressing myself, and I truly believe you cannot be stylish without being smart.  Fashion is the easiest and quickest way of showing someone who you are, and who you want to be.

I view life as an adventure.  Obviously traveling nonstop around the globe would be great, but since I truly love working (and also the paycheck that comes with it), I have begun to realize that adventures don’t have to be big and grand.  Adventures are all about what you make them to be.  It could be trying something new at your job, trying a new kind of food, picking up skiing, or going to a town 30 miles away that you may never have thought of.  Whether this adventure is taking you to the mountains or a big city, to a new job or starting a family; I view every single day as a clean slate to take on something new.  Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and my goal is to fall in love with as many things as I can.  The Sol Compass is my way of sharing all of these things with you.

In 2014, I went to 18 concerts and 11 shows.  I swam in two different oceans, visited nine states, tried countless new restaurants, and fell in love with my life in a way I never knew was possible.  Then one day in late August, I decided to start a blog.  This blog has been the most unexpected adventure of them all, but I could never have imagined the joy it would bring me.  If you’re reading this, I would like to thank you from the very bottom of my heart for making The Sol Compass a reality and a vibrant ray of virtual sunshine in my life.  I hope it can help guide you towards your own personal sunshine.

xo, C

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