Supporting Local Businesses

It has been MORE than a fair minute since I wrote a blog post, but as the Coronavirus has spread to impact everyone and everything, I have had my mind set on sharing some ideas on how we, as consumers, can support small businesses who may be suffering.  I  know a lot of people’s economic situations are up in the air right now, but if you have some discretionary income and are looking to do some retail therapy, here are some that I love and support, and think you should too.

A side note: if any of your friends have small businesses: likes, comments, follows, etc. are ALWAYS appreciated and helpful!  Brands are hard to grow in the beginning, and having that sort of following and engagement helps look more “valid” to future customers, brand partnerships, etc!  Engaging with them on social costs you zero dollars but means so much to them and can really help when trying to grow your own business.

Rockaway Candle Co.  I have been watching Morgan hustle nonstop on Insta Stories this week fulfilling orders, as she is still able to access her studio during social distancing.  Her candles are non-toxic, made of 100% cotton wicks and organic soy wax.  Also, candles make you feel better and when you’re at home 24/7, you need all the help you can get.

Niche.  My favorite plant shop in Boston, Niche is currently in the process of setting up their online shop.  Follow them on Instagramfor an update when they open: social distancing is a great time to devote yourself to your plants!

Seed To Stem.  Seed To Stem is everyone’s favorite Worcester plant shop, but you can still support them online right now.  Air plants are easy to ship, as are all the gift shop items.  I just ordered some Palo Santo to cleanse the negative energy out of our apartment, and an accompanying smudge bowl.

Loyal Supply Co.  For fun home decor items, cards, and more, there isn’t a better stop than Union Square’s Loyal Supply Co., who also sells lots of their goods online.  Personally, I’m eyeing the Fluff magnet and Boston penant.

Formaggio Kitchen.  These are dark times, and dark times require cheese.  I believe that in my core.  Formaggio ships Monday through Friday, as well as delivers within a 2 mile radius.

Corkcicle.  I know, I know.  But wait: Right now, when many stores are closed, Corkcicle is giving you the opportunity to buy your products on their website and select your local store to receive credit for the purchase of your item.  Just go to the checkout, and enter your local Corkcicle retailer there.

In addition to retail, the food service industry is hugely suffering, and there are two ways you can help: takeout/delivery and gift cards.

You have likely seen the idea of buying gift cards floating around the internet, but here it is again: buy purchasing a gift card to your local restaurant, you give them much needed cash to help pay their employees, their bills, etc.  Then save it for a night out in the future!

Takeout and Delivery are also still viable options.  Jessica Yellin has a great post about no-contact delivery that I will link here.   Yes, technically there are still risks, but not really any greater than buying your food at the grocery store.  Ultimately we are not at zero risk unless we are growing our own food.  And for most of us that’s not an option, so we can just try to be as safe and precautious as we can.


If you have any other thoughts on ways to help support local businesses, or if you have any that you love please share them in the comment section!

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