Tuesday Ten: My Favorite Bloggers!

Today’s post is so exciting to me because I get to feature my favorite bloggers!  I only blog part time, but I have so much fun doing it and a big reason why is because of these lovely humans.  The blogosphere is incredibly saturated, but I have never felt anything but welcome by other bloggers.  They all cover other topics besides fashion, but that is the common factor!


  1. House of Harper.  Caroline was my favorite fashion blogger for at least a year or two before I started my own blog, and a big reason why I did!  I loved the way she mixed investment pieces with items from mall stores and she has an effortless sense of personal style that no one could replicate.  I still go back into the archives of her NYC outfits, they are just unmatched.
  2. The Style Editrix.  Ashley’s blog turned one right after I decided to start my own and I was amazed at how quickly she grew a substantial following.   After I kept following her it became clear how she did.  Her sense of style is amazing and I always leave her blog feeling inspired to replicate the vibe she exudes or incorporate a piece she featured, and she has a tremendously infectious TV personality!  I was always inspired by how she responded to every comment I left, and the day she followed me on Instagram I didn’t shut up about it for weeks (B will verify).
  3. Atlantic Pacific.  Blair’s outfits are my editorial eye candy.  Most of them are not practical for my life (or my budget), but she has does have a knack for making every day things look glamorous.  Her photos are amazing and I am inspired by her on a daily basis.  It definitely doesn’t hurt that I love how she re-wears things (one of my biggest frustrations with the blogging community)!
  4. Styled Snapshots.  Kendall is the kind of girl who you can’t help but want to be friends with.  She shares her life and her dressing room diaries on her Insta Stories and I 100% trust any recommendation she shares on her blog.  If I met her in real life I would freak and probably blurt out if she wanted to hang out literally anytime I would be down.  I started following her for the fashion, but I stayed for her sweet personality and her killer eye for interior design!
  5. Extra Petite.  Probably the biggest Boston based blogger, Jean has a classic style and a dreamy historic Boston aesthetic that will have you drooling on your keyboard.  She is a great resource for building a work wardrobe, and her taste translates well into elegant weekend wear as well.
  6. The Stripe.  Grace has a knack for pulling in little details to make all the difference in the world (her killer jewelry collection comes to mind!)  She is a skincare snob so I love checking out her recommendations, and I love how she is always sharing fun and different posts (like this s’mores soiree or a cocktail recipe) to connect outside of the clothes!  She’s a great resource to turn to if you want to invest in a quality item, like a pair of heels or a bag, she always has good recommendations!
  7. Bright Bazaar.  Will Taylor is hands down one of the most inspiring people on the internet to me.  He is always optimistic and cheerful, I smile just watching his Instagram Stories!  His eye for interior design is unmatched and his #MakeYouSmileStyle is full of bright colors and vibrant patterns.
  8. Penny Pincher Fashion.  Kim has an amazing sense of personal style.  She looks better than people with $2,000 outfits on an amazing basis.  I love that her blog is centered around affordable fashion, and she is really great at finding a good deal!  I really just love how she incorporates work and weekend wear that everyone can afford.  Highly recommend checking out her blog on a regular basis!
  9. Damsel In Dior.  Jacey has the best street style of anyone I follow.  I love how she takes big trends, like a slip dress or pair of slides, and really makes them her own.  I always feel inspired after seeing one of her outfits to work her effortless LA cool girl vibe into my New England Prep a bit more!
  10. Color and Chic.  Hoang-Kim is such a sweet and professional personality on my Instagram stories (which, clearly, is how I connect with a lot of bloggers!) and if I was in Virgina I would absolutely watch her news station all the time.  I relate to her a lot as a blogger with another career, and I would wear pretty much every outfit I see her feature!

Thanks so much for reading!  Definitely check out these 10 blogs – I can promise you will not forget it!

xo, C

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