Bridge of Flowers

Hello everyone, welcome back!  Today’s bonus post is all about the Bridge of Flowers.  B had been talking about taking me on a surprise excursion out to Western Mass for almost a year now, and a couple weeks ago we both had a free Sunday and decided to go for it!  He could have taken me to have a picnic in a parking lot and I would have been excited that I didn’t have to plan anything on such a beautiful sunny day, but the surprise was better than anything I could have imagined.

Eleven and a half miles from the Vermont border, Shelburne Falls is a quaint village full to the brim with all the charm you would expect out in Western Mass.  It’s filled with charming stores and cafes, and is located right on the Deerfield River and the Mohawk Trail.  But our main attraction was the Bridge of Flowers.

An old Trolley Bridge, the first flowers were planted in 1929 by the Shelburne Falls Women’s Group who were tired of looking at the empty bridge growing weeds.  Today, almost 90 years later, it is brimming with dozens of plant varieties, from bulbs to shrubs.  Knowing how much I love flowers, B was 100% right knowing this was the perfect getaway for me.

For lunch we stopped at Baked, an adorable cafe inside an old garage, for coffee and sandwiches.  Then we headed over to see the Glacial Potholes!

Thanks so much for stopping by, have a great day!

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