17 Things You May Not Know About Me

Welcome back my loves!  I can hardly believe it has almost been three years since I first started blogging!  My readers feel like my internet family, hearing from you is the highlight of this job.  One thing I frequently overlook, however, is how many of you are new around these parts.  When I first started blogging I used to mention things about myself in my posts all the time, but after a while it felt repetitive, even though so many of you HAVEN’T been reading this since 2014 (thank God, because then I would have approximately 8 readers, including my mom).  In anticipation of The Sol Compass’ impending birthday, I thought I would share some little known things about myself with all of you.  Since 17 is my favorite number, and the number I wore on my college softball team, it seemed fitting that I would share this number of facts! (Although I suppose that makes it 19…)

  1. I sleep better on the road than I ever sleep in my own bed.  I don’t have trouble falling asleep, just staying asleep.  Honestly I would rather just never have to sleep, it’s one of my least favorite things.
  2. The water I drink is 80% seltzer.
  3. My middle name is Grace, after my great grandmother.  My four year old cousin Millie shares the middle name with me!
  4. My left foot is nearly half a size smaller than my right foot.  That’s why there is a gap near my heel every time I wear pumps!
  5. I hardly ever do my hair in the morning.  I usually let it air dry, and it ends up looking like it does in these photos!
  6. If I could travel for a month with no financial restrictions, I would explore Africa from top to bottom.
  7. The first song I ever identified with is Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run.  I am pretty sure my mom played The Boss ad nauseum while I was in the womb and that I came into this world instantly in love with Bruce Springsteen.  It’s also important to mention that my mother has some *insane* stories about Bruce concerts in the ’80s so… It is hereditary and she is a legend.
  8. I am obsessed with coffee shop culture.  I could talk about it for hours, and on vacation B and I always make sure to explore the local coffee scene.
  9. I usually drink an iced almond milk latte or cold brew in the morning and an iced green tea in the afternoon.  Even in the winter, I rarely drink hot beverages!
  10. I absolutely love plants. Nothing makes me happier than being outside. Especially near plants. 
  11. I love food, though this is hardly a little known fact.  Much of my vacations are planned around where I want to eat.
  12. I love mornings and morning people.  Naturally rising with the sun makes me happy every morning, and the rare occasion that I sleep past seven puts me in a terrible mood for the rest of the day.
  13. English Literature and Language is my greatest love.  I probably love every book you SparkNoted in high school and own at least two copies of my favorites.  For most of my life, my dream job has bounced between novelist and fiction editor.
  14. My favorite desserts are fruit based.  Pies, cobblers, shortcake… Etc.
  15. Most people have a hard time believing I am an introvert.  This is because I was raised by two extroverts who had two more extroverted children (my sister Michaela and my brother Kevin).  I can talk to anyone at anytime, but I definitely require quiet and alone time.
  16. In a perfect world, I would adopt five dogs.
  17. I hated every nickname I was given for the first 12+ years of my life.  The two that stuck after that are Quill and Rapunzel, but my dad calls me Catalina Island. 

Thank you all so much for stopping by today and for reading The Sol Compass!  I am eternally thankful for every one of you.  I love getting to know you better, so share a fun fact about yourself in the comment section!  Have a wonderful weekend!

xo, C

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