Evening Skincare Routine

Welcome back everyone!  Today I’m going to share my nighttime skincare routine.  I’m not as religious about going through my nighttime routine as I am my morning routine, but I’m working on getting better.


First up for makeup removal is a collection of face wipes.  My go-to’s are YesTo, but I also have some Sephora Collection ones on rotation and I’m looking to try the Koh Gen Do ones next (what Eva Chen says, Caitlin Hummer does, clearly).


Hands down the best addition to evening skin care has been micellar water.  I use it with cotton rounds after face wipes and it takes off any makeup that the wipes missed and also cleanses the dirt and oils away from the day.  I never liked using my cleanser twice a day, my dry skin is just too irritable, so I was so happy when I found something gentle that still cleansed the impurities of the day without the negative impacts on my face.  I have this one on my vanity and picked up a travel size of this one for my travel bag.


If I’m not wearing makeup (about 50% of the time) but my face still needs a bit of extra attention, I’ll use these First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance pads in place of face wipes.  They act as a toner with a very gentle exfoliator, but also gives dull skill a little extra zing.  I honestly have no idea how FAB put all of that goodness into these little pads.

If I want to use a traditional toner, I always reach for this Origins Renewal Serum.  It’s really great for restoring your skin to your maximum vibrancy.

I always have a tube of Aquaphor on hand.  It’s such a great do-all tool to have, and at night I use it in the corners of my nose when winter leaves that area super dry, my lips, and my hands when I have an eczema breakout.


I love using this YesTo night cream for super moisturizing over night (the cucumber is really calming after a long day) and the neck oil to keep combatting that tech neck situation I mentioned on Monday.  I don’t love the smell of this one, so I use it at night and stick with L’Oréal’s during the daytime.  (Since we’re on the subject of YesTo, I also love this hand and cuticle cream!)

Last but not least is an eye cream.  Currently I’m loving No.7, but as I mentioned I’ve been trying lots of different ones including this Burt’s Bees one.

Thank you all so much for reading!  What does your evening routine look like?

xo, C

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