Weekend Reading Vol. I


Welcome back everyone!  I just wanted to share a bonus post with you today sharing some of the things I have been loving lately.


As usual, Blair had my favorite fashion post of the week.

The footwear brand that launched nude shoes for every skin tone.

I’m excited about these new liquid lipsticks from one of my go to makeup brands.

I am dying to try these DIY face wipes to combat those post workout breakouts.

I love Who What Wear’s 30 Day Wardrobe Challenges, and this year’s winter edition is no exception.

This article about Jessica Jones is a great description of how ‘human’ is the most important aspect of any superhuman.

As an avid user of Sara Happ’s The Lip Scrub, I am beyond excited to try this $10 one.

I loved Liz’s beautiful Sundance look.

As a girl on the job hunt, I love this article about how to create a killer LinkedIn profile.

Dying to pull the trigger on these pretty velvet pumps.

My sister always shares the Harvard Business Review with us, and this article about mindfulness sums up my morning meditation journey.  Now I want to incorporate not checking my email first thing every morning.

My favorite way to earn cash back on my online purchases is ebates.  Click here to get an extra $10 when you sign up!


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Bae and I are going ice skating today so make sure to follow along on snapchat (@chummer17)!

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