Best Desk Forward


Most of us spend a valuable third of our days at our desks.  Whether it’s in a cubicle, the coveted corner office, or the comfort of your own home; you always want to be getting your best work done while you’re there.  For some people, this means having a workspace that is totally free of clutter.  For others, it might be a bright white space that serves as a clean canvas.  For me, I just like it to be as bright and fun as possible to inspire creativity while maintaining a bit of professionalism.  I have a theme of gold that runs consistently throughout, which I love, and as many colors as possible to brighten up my work zone.


Scissors: Nate Berkus | Pens: Yoobi | Planner: Sugar Paper

I’m not sure it’s possible to be in love with a pair of scissors, but these gold shears totally captured my heart.  Nate Berkus and Threshold (in the office section of Target) have the most beautiful gold office supplies.  Over months of browsing the aisles and picking up piece by piece, they have finally come together to create a sleek look!

IMG_1704 IMG_1705

Coasters: Indego Africa | Sticky Note Dispenser: Yoobi | Paperclips: Yoobi (purple, blue) | Mugs: Starbucks

I am always enamored with Starbucks’ mugs, especially when they come out by the dozens during the Holiday Season!  These two fit in with my gold accent theme perfectly, which makes for a perfect caffeine hit and a paper clip holder!  I also have another Starbucks mug filled with pens at my home desk!


My laptop is my portable blog office.  I take it pretty much everywhere with me in my Street Level tote, since I never know when I’ll have an open lunch or unexpected downtime to chug away at some emails or posts.  I love this gold pencil pouch from Poppin (which perfectly coordinates with my stapler!) to tote around my favorite Yoobi pens!

Stapler: poppin | Pencil Pouch: poppin

IMG_1687 IMG_1694

This school house lamp and gorgeous filing system add some of my favorite flair to the office!

Lamp: Threshold | Tabletop File: Nate Berkus | Hanging File Folders: Threshold


These beautiful Indego Africa coasters were a J.Crew find a while ago.  They are all handmade in Africa by women striving to lift themselves and their families out of poverty and become empowered businesswomen.

IMG_1710 IMG_1712

Sticky Notes: Kate Spade New York | Notebooks: poppin | Desktop Organizer: Nate Berkus | Pens: Yoobi | Highlighters: Bic | Pencils: Bic | Pens: Paper Mate

I usually have my iPad handy while I’m working, even when it’s on a laptop or a desktop.  It’s great to have another machine handy to play Spotify on when I have several different apps open on my computer, or to have another screen to keep reference with.  This Dabney Lee case my sister got me is awesome because it comes with a built in stand which is perfect for multitasking.

IMG_1718 IMG_1723 IMG_1726


Stapler: poppin | Notebooks: poppin | Pencil Pouch: poppin | Desktop Organizer: Nate Berkus | Scissors: Nate Berkus | Coasters: Indego Africa | Binders: Yoobi | Lamp: Threshold | Pens: Yoobi | Highlighters: Bic | Pencils: Bic | Pens: Paper Mate | Sticky Notes: Kate Spade New York | Notebooks: Target | Mugs: Starbucks | Expandable File: Threshold | Tabletop File: Nate Berkus | Hanging File Folders: Threshold | Planner: Sugar Paper | iPad Case: Dabney Lee | iPhone Case: Speck | Sticky Note Dispenser: Yoobi | Paperclips: Yoobi (purpleblue)


Where are your favorite places to shop for office supplies?  Let me know if there are any places I should check out for future additions!

Have a wonderful weekend!

xo, C

2 thoughts on “Best Desk Forward”

  1. Oh your desk is wonderful! I wish mine at work looked like this, it’s so cluttered but I can’t do a great deal about it because I have a limited variation of stock to use. Great post!


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