Weekend Wear


Today’s outfit is inspired directly by my Saturday routine.  On the average Saturday, I like to stick to my morning routine as closely as possible.  I wake up early and get to the gym right when they open, enjoy a longer workout, and then shower and get ready for my errand routine.  This past Saturday I was craving comfort even more than usual, as my feet were killing me after getting back outside training for my upcoming race and walking around Boston in heels a bit too much, definitely not my brightest moment.  I try to look somewhat presentable on my weekend errand runs because I know I’ll wind up seeing someone I know, or someone I want to know, and wearing something as simple as jeans instead of yoga pants usually makes all the difference in my eyes.

My checklist this weekend included a warm sweater so I didn’t have to carry around a coat with me and comfortable shoes for the aforementioned unhappy feet.  After I crossed those two off the list I honestly just looked for something fun to brighten up the outfit, which wound up being this necklace I got at The Limited last year.  I’ve never understood why people choose to go to the grocery store in sweat or yoga pants when it takes just as much effort to put on jeans in the morning, and that simple change can make a world of difference.  Throwing on a bright necklace or scarf really just adds to the image of effort, while still being really comfortable.  I’ll have no problems walking around and seeing people I know without mascara on and wearing street sneakers like I am here as long as I have jeans on, but if I went to Target in my gym clothes I’d wind up being so embarrassed I’d run through the store as fast as possible and forget half the things I needed.  Not like that’s ever happened before. or anything…


Outfit Details – Sweater: GAP | Jeans: Lucky Brand | Sneakers: Adidas (also available here) | Purse: Urban Outfitters | Necklace: The Limited | Earrings: Banana Republic (sold out, similar here) | Bracelets: The LimitedLC Lauren Conrad, J.Crew Factory | Watch: Urban Outfitters | Lipgloss: Bobbi Brown in ‘Petal’ | Nail Polish: Essie ‘Big Spender’

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful week!
xo, C

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