Quarter Life Skin Crisis

Quarter Life Skin Crisis - The Sol Compass

Quarter Life Crises are all too real among millennials (sorry for using so many buzzwords in such a short sentence).  With so many factors stressing us out from every direction, silly things like ‘sleep’ tend to get pushed to the back burner.  Luckily for us, Origins realized that the twenty-somethings needed a skincare line directed specifically towards our stressed out, tired, and dull skin.

I’m not easily persuaded away from my bareMinerals cleanser and moisturizer duo, so I chose to try out two products that I wasn’t using at all: the United State balancing tonic and the Original Skin renewal serum.


I never thought I needed a balancing tonic until this summer, when being outside and active for long periods of time started to clog up my pores.  This balancing tonic really helped clear up my face and reduce some of the shine, while removing the oils and dirt that back up throughout the day.  I anticipate it will dry out my combination skin a bit too much during the colder months, but it has worked fantastically for me so far this summer!

Renewal serum

The renewal serum is such a game changer for tired skin.  It really brings the glow right back to stressed out skin.  I found that, even on weeks where I had no sleep, my skin was bright and fresh.  My pores have been smaller and my skin has been firmer ever since I started implementing this serum into my ritual.  My initial reaction was that $40 was too much to spend on a product I didn’t really need, but I’m so glad I did.  The serum lasts for a while (I haven’t run out yet!) and really does bring my skin to a whole new level.
The last product I was able to try was the GinZing eye cream, thanks to a free sample that came with my order!  My tired eyes came right back to life after using it, the dark circles faded and the puffiness visibly decreased.  While definitely effective, the GinZing eye cream was a little bit thicker than some others I’ve tried, which makes me a little hesitant to go out and purchase it again, because I wasn’t crazy about the feeling of heavy cream on my eyelids as I was trying to unwind and get ready for bed.  On the other hand, it was unquestionably effective and if you have less tactile issues than I do I would certainly recommend trying it out!

Since I had so much success with Origins Quarter Life Skin Crisis products, I have been eyeing some others to try in the future!  This cooling roll on, face mask, and night oil are high on my wishlist right now!

Have any of you used Origins before? I would love to hear your experience in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!
xo, Caitlin

2 thoughts on “Quarter Life Skin Crisis”

  1. I’ve never used it before, but it sounds great! I have the same issue: sometimes certain face things work well for me in the summer but dry out my face in the winter. It means I have a constant supply of about a zillion different face washes at all times haha.



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