The Sol Compass

by Caitlin Hummer

Spring Shoe Guide


Happy Friday everyone! Today I rounded up some of my favorite spring footwear trends, and am sharing one of my picks of each one at three different price ranges, so there is a pick for every style and at every budget! Have a wonderful weekend!Spring Shoe Guide

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve

5 thoughts on “Spring Shoe Guide

  1. I love all of the embellished sandals! So glam!


  2. Hi Dear, thanks for your comment♥ I follow you back on bloglovin, and what if we follow each other on instagram, too? Let me know♥
    the no. 5.,6. and 11. – amaziiing♥

    Simona |



  3. Great post! I love them all!


  4. I want #8!!!
    Thanks for sharing. Xoxo
    Check out my new post


  5. Great picks – I love all the nude and lace up sandals! ❤


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