I hope I’m not the only one who feels this way, but this morning I looked at my phone and was shocked to find that it was already January 6th!  The holiday season definitely got the worst of me, in terms of both slipping into unhealthy habits and also getting sick, so I definitely needed the last six days to get back on my feet before fully diving into the new year.

These days, I get the feeling that everyone is a cynic.  It’s more common to hate things like New Year’s Resolutions and Valentine’s Day than to embrace them, for fear of being a cliche yourself.  In my opinion, the post holiday season is the best time to get yourself back on track and working towards the things you value and aspire to, when they can all slip away so easily during the holidays.  The way I see it, January and February (and even March) are such slow months that there is really no better time to start getting yourself back into good habits.  If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times: writing down our goals helps us commit to them. Instead of picking a vague resolution such as “be healthier” or “exercise more”, I find picking one particular goal with an action plan I can stick to will help me achieve an end destination is much more feasible and successful.  I picked four attainable goals (two health related and two fashion related) that I believe will lead me to a happier and healthier lifestyle.  So here are my goals and plans for 2015.

1.  Drink More Water.

I am horrible at drinking water.  Overall, I have a pretty healthy diet.  My biggest problem is that I love coffee, tea, juice, and pretty much all other liquids; so if given a choice I almost never reach for water.  Drinking more water is a really feasible way to improve overall health, and something I am fully aware of but never seem to commit to.  I found this amazingly helpful tip from Lauren Conrad that has been really helping me up my H2O intake so far, and I already feel like my skin isn’t as dry as it normally would be during this cold front we’re having.  Drinking a full bottle of water (I’ve been partial to this reusable bottle lately!) before I even pull into Starbucks in the morning helps me feel so much better after I drink my soy latte, because I’m not nearly as dehydrated and have what feels like double the energy.  I’m really looking forward to seeing how much better I feel after sticking with this habit for longer!

2.  Cleanse My Mind/Body Once Per Month

When life gets busy and overwhelming, I find it can be so easy to slip into toxic habits of both the body and the mind.  It’s been a while since I really took the time to hit reset for my own self.  One morning after Christmas I was feeling particularly self-loathing as I reached for what felt like my 24th Christmas cookie in an attempt to eat my feelings, when I realized how much I needed a total reset.  I decided to take a complete personal day this coming Friday.  I know I won’t be able to do a full mind and body cleanse throughout the rest of year, but it feels really good knowing I’m going to start the new year fresh.

I’m a big fan of Pressed Juicery, but it can get really expensive to have their cleanses shipped to the East Coast.  Their newly released book Juice has been a lifesaver for me.  It has lots of recipes and cleanse instructions/guidelines as well! I recently purchased a Kaeng Raeng Cleanse to test drive (also found via Lauren Conrad, I always trust her and her team’s recommendations and they have never steered me wrong!) which is the one I will be using on Friday.

To reset my mind, I intend on a full day of self pampering.  Some yoga and meditating, a massage, and a haircut.  I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a facial and/or manicure also, to take full advantage of my day off.  It took me a while to wrap my head around the idea of pampering myself so much in one day.  Ultimately, I came to love the idea.  Usually I’m running to facials and haircut appointments in between a hundred other things and never stop to truly enjoy them.  They can be a great time to reflect and relax if I actually allow them to be.  I also happened to receive a massage and manicure gift certificate for Christmas, so it wouldn’t hurt my bank account nearly as much as it sounds like it would!  I’m really excited for the opportunity I’m giving myself to start 2015 with a clean slate and a fresh mind (and body!) to tackle my goals with.

In an effort to not completely waste this elaborate cleansing effort, one of my goals is to continue the cleanse/reset effort throughout the year a dozen more times.  Even if life seems to get crazy and overwhelming, giving my mind and body a chance to rid themselves of toxins should help me maintain my all-around health through this promising new year.

3.  A Clean and Concise Closet

I have both a shopping and a hoarding problem (acceptance is the first step, right?)  My closet has not been properly cleaned out in years, but I keep adding more to it.  My first step to accomplishing this goal has been eliminating items I no longer wear.  This is actually surprisingly difficult for me, as I tend to hold on to things for irrational reasons despite the fact that I never wear them.  I just signed up for Poshmark and have been putting some of my unworn clothes up for sale.  So far, I’ve only put up the items that were easy for me to get rid of (mostly those that never fit my body well or are no longer my taste), but part of my goal is to do some serious closet purging and get rid of items that I don’t need or wear but have held onto because I like the idea of them.

You can shop my Postmark closet here.  If you join using my code BYGLY we both earn a $5 credit.  Woohoo! Get joining people!

In an addition to eliminating items from my closet, I hope that I can do a better job of not buying things I don’t need.  I have a horrible habit of buying, collecting, and never throwing away “stuff”.  It goes a bit past clothes (especially goo-hoarding), but I think clothing is one of the easier ones to tackle.  I have a fair idea of what styles don’t look good on me, what colors wash me out, and what brands are the most flattering.  This year, I hope to do a better job of eliminating the things that don’t work.  When shopping, I want to think of several items I already own that work with the piece before I buy it, and several occasions I can wear it for.  That being said, I hope to incorporate some remixing posts into this blog to share how I wear things multiple different ways.  This is a big goal for me, and something I’ve always struggled with.  But with that, I expect it to be the most rewarding.

4. Bold Fashion Choices and Risk Taking

This may seem like a contradiction to 3, but hear me out!  While there are certain things that will just never work on me, there are some that could and I just shy away from in favor of my comfort zone.  I want to step out of my fashion comfort zone this year.  Instead of buying my 3,000th blue shirt, I want to wear more red.  It doesn’t look bad on me at all, but I always shy away from its boldness.  I also want to embrace mixing patterns and other trends that I’ve shied away from in the past, as long as they comply within goal number three.

Thanks for sticking with me on this rather lengthy post.  I’m really excited for a much needed fresh start in 2015.  And thank you for reading my blog, it really means the world to me.  Stay tuned for new posts and lots of improvements around the blog this year!!

xo, C

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