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What’s In My Bag

As a self proclaimed “shoe girl” I really have to dedicate myself to looking for handbags when I have a need arise.  When I decided I needed an everyday tote bag, Black Friday was calling for me and I found this gorgeous Tory Burch one for a complete steal from Nordstrom.  After seeing mine, my sister bought the camel colored one! While Nordstrom has sold out of them, I did find them available other places online, though the deals are not quite as good as the one we found, unfortunately.  This time I got lucky with Black Friday sales, but normally the outlets are my go-to for bag and wallet purchases.

With my brand new bag, I wanted to share some of the things I always have in my purse!

Kate Spade Wallet.  I had another Kate Spade wallet for years before I bought this one (another Black Friday purchase!)  There was really nothing wrong with my old one, it was still in great condition after five or so years, but I needed a change and I love the plum color!

Kate Spade New York business card holder.  As a blogger with a first name that can be spelled half a dozen different ways and an unconventional blog name, this is incredibly important.  I have business cards for my blog accessible at any given time; whether I’m at a networking event or shooting in the Public Garden when someone tells me they like my outfit (true story).

Ray-Ban Erika Sunglasses.  I like having a pair of plastic sunglasses with me always, since they tend to be a little more comfortable than metal aviators.  My most recent purchase is these Erika ones.  (Also I’m pretty sure my best friend has them and maybe that’s why I gravitated towards them so quickly.  Jennifer can you confirm?!)

Mophie Powerstation Plus Mini.  I have spent forever looking for a perfect, reliable charger.  I love this one since the charging cable is built into the battery.  This means I don’t have to carry around a three foot long cable all day, just the battery itself.

Too Cool For School Blotting Paper.  I haven’t used these much over the past few months, but in the summer they will absolutely be my best friend.  When I go on my Saturday or weekend adventures, I always wind up shooting blog photos so I usually have a full face of makeup on, even if my destination happens to be 90 degrees and humid.  These blotting papers are perfect for mattifying my “dewy” (sweaty) face while keeping my makeup in tact.

Herschel Leather Card Case.  My mom bought me this card case for Christmas two years ago and I am so into it.  It is my go to for crossbody bags, or really any smaller occasion that I don’t want to carry my full wallet around.  Usually I use it for my license, debit card, and Charlie Card, but it’s currently holding some gift cards from Christmas and my Dave & Buster’s card from last weekend.  I also love this one from Kate Spade.

Drybar Lil’ Lemon Brush.  As someone who does not bother doing their hair most days, this might be a surprise to anyone who has seen me on a bad hair day.  Nothing frustrates me more than when I have that frustrating tangle of knots at the nape of my neck from the winter wind or when I’m shooting and have a snarl to work through.  Hence this perfectly portable brush.

Well-Kept Screen Cleansing Towelettes.  I am a major germaphobe and clean my iPhone regularly.  So regularly, in fact, that I just ran out of these, panicked, and immediately ordered a few extras (so they’re unfortunately not pictured).  Normally, I keep a pack of these in my purse at all times in case my phone gets something on it or in case someone else asks me to use their phone for something and I voluntarily give it a good cleaning before touching it…. That is what my mom calls rude but I call proactive.

Clare V x Sephora Makeup Case.  This was a Christmas gift from B’s parents and I absolutely love the pattern, so I immediately replaced my older pouch and started using this one to organize all of my beauty products that I carry around with me!  (Take a peek at the next photo to see what I keep in here!)

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rollerball.  I am not much of a perfume person, but I always keep at least one of the Nirvana scents in my purse.  Black, white, and bourbon are my favorites!

Kopari Coconut Lip Glossy.  Perfect for when you have dry lips but want a little bit of shine.  You can get three of them in this kit from Sephora!

Hair Elastics.  I have a very no-nonsense attitude about my hair – which usually means no matter what I do in the morning, by 10AM I’m throwing my hair up in a bun out of my face.  Incidentally, I go through hair elastics at a borderline alarming rate.  I’ve been trying to be better at using these or these ones, but the Goody ones from Target are still my go-to.

Hand Sanitizer.  I used to hoard hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works in troves.  In the past two years I have realized that I really don’t like using scented things on my body when I don’t have to, and started straying away from the body lotions and hand sanitizers of that nature.  Target’s up and up brand has been my new go-to in this category.

Neutrogena Hand Cream.  No matter how many lotions I try, this is the one I always go back to.  It is $4 and yet I have never found a better one.  If you have the kind of extra dry hands that sometimes start bleeding during the winter (I know my life is so glamorous), this is an absolute Godsend.  You only need the tiniest drop to moisturize both hands, and you can then move on with your life instead of being unable to pick up anything because of your slippery hands, like with some other lotions!

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm.  Another drugstore staple that I cannot live without, I have these stashed all over the place, including usually two in my purse!


What do you always have in your bag??  Let me know in the comment section!  Hope you all have a great weekend!

xo, C

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Contrast Colors


Happy Hump Day everyone!  I have always loved the combination of blue and black, as seen here and here, but the light shade of this suede jacket has even more of a pop against black.


Outfit Details – Jacket: LOFT | Dress: LOFT | Tights: J.Crew Factory | Booties: Banana Republic | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Necklace: Elizabeth & James | Earrings: Coach | Lipstick: YSL 70 ‘Le Nu’ |  Lipgloss: NARS ‘Chelsea Girls’ | Nail Polish: OPI ‘Aurora Berry-Alis’ |

Thanks for reading – have a great day!

xo, C

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10 Boston Restaurants I Want To Try

While trying (and loving) restaurants is no secret passion of mine, I noticed last year I had a tendency to revisit places a bit more than branching out.  I rounded up the top ten spots on my to try list, and B and I are going to start making our way through them!

  1. Citrus & Salt.  I love Mexican food, and I love Buttermilk & Bourbon, so I really can’t wait to hit up its sister restaurant Citrus & Salt.
  2. Fat Baby.  My favorite Boston restaurant, Loco, has a new sister in Fat Baby.  I can’t wait to try their sushi and see what else the East Asian haunt has to offer!
  3. Dumpling Palace.  Pretty self explanatory, but B and I have tried to get here a few times and never succeeded.  One day!
  4. Sarma.  There is a shortage of phenomenal Mediterranean restaurants in my opinion, so Sarma seems like a great excuse to get out to Somerville.
  5. Abby Lane.  Another child of Jason Santos, Abby Lane joins Citrus & Salt on the list of must try spots this year!
  6. Saltie Girl.  Trying out this seafood spot shouldn’t be too hard with such a perfect location on Dartmouth Street!
  7. Tiger Mama.  Despite going to Sweet Cheeks on the regular, I have never been to Tiffani Faison’s other location down the street.  One night I’m in Fenway I definitely want to substitute the usual BBQ for Tiger Mama’s Southeast Asian cuisine.
  8. Toro.  Tapas are one of our favorite ways to enjoy food, so Toro is a pretty high priority this year!
  9. Little Donkey.  Another Tapas place, this Central Square location is a favorite among several of my friends, but I have somehow never made it there.
  10. Waypoint.  Waypoint is another restaurant I keep saying I’m going to try (for at least a year now!)  They have everything from a raw bar to pasta, right in Harvard Square.

Are there any other restaurants I should add to the list?  Let me know in the comments!  Have a great day!

xo, C

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Dressed Up Denim


Hey everyone, welcome back!  These high waisted jeans have been my new go-to’s over the past month or so.  The first time I wore them I was with my mom and my sister, and both of them asked me to send them the link since they liked them so much!  Another one of my favorite cold weather pieces is this tissue turtleneck from J.Crew.  I love how thin and fitted it is, making it the perfect piece to tuck into jeans or a skirt!


Outfit Details – Blazer: Banana Republic Factory Store | Turtleneck: J.Crew | Jeans: Lucky Brand | Boots: Unisa | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Earrings: Banana Republic (old, similar here) | Belt: old, similar here | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Necklace: Elizabeth & James | Lipstick: Bobbi Brown ‘Neutral Rose’ | Lipgloss: Bobbi Brown ‘Petal’ | Nail Polish: OPI ‘Aurora Berry-Alis’ |

Thank you so much for reading!  Have a wonderful week!

xo, C

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My Favorite Winter Outfit Formula


Hi everyone, happy Friday!  This winter has been unbelievably cold for a long stretch here in MA, so on Wednesday when the temps reached into the 20s I took advantage of the chance to wear tights again!  I am always cold, but I really don’t love wearing jeans, which makes winter my most frustrating fashion season.  I’m much more comfortable both physically and mentally in skirts and dresses than I am in pants, so anytime it’s warm enough to wear tights I jump at the opportunity!


Outfit Details – Dress: LOFT Outlet – Tights: J.Crew Factory | Boots: A New Day (Target)

Thank you so much for stopping by – I hope you have a great weekend!

xo, C

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Lucky Me


Happy Hump Day everyone!  I’m super excited to showcase one of my favorite brands today – and one that’s pretty close to my heart.  I worked at Lucky Brand for a short time when I was 20, and I learned so much from my manager Evelyn, and really evolved my personal style a lot while I was there.  Now, I wear almost exclusively Lucky jeans and drag B into the store every time they have a sale!  (I also love the cheeky zipper detail on their jeans, which plays right into the title of this post!)  A couple months ago I bought this sweater (seen here and here) and completely fell in love with it.  After wearing it as much as I could, I rushed back to the Lucky website to buy a few more – including this fun olive one!  I think it will be perfect for The Killers’ concert I’m going to on Sunday!


Outfit Details – Sweater: Lucky Brand | Jeans: Lucky Brand | Booties: Marc Fisher | Necklace: Elizabeth & James | Earrings: Coach

Thanks so much for stopping by – hope you have a great day!

xo, C