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Cooking With Blue Apron

Hey everyone, welcome back!  At this point, we have all heard of Blue Apron.  Their advertising game is impressive and everyone seems to know someone who knows someone who is absolutely obsessed, but they are still unsure and looking for more convincing.  Today, I’m hoping to shed some light on my experience and answer all of your questions about Blue Apron!

You all know I really love food.  One of my favorite activities is trying new restaurants and new food.  My biggest problem with this is that I am not huge into cooking for myself.

It isn’t because of unwillingness; it’s just that cooking for two can be such an unrewarding process.  I always struggle with buying food that can be used for different dishes in the same week, and as a result I seem to never go through all my groceries before they spoil.  As an added setback, B and I are incredibly indecisive.  We’ll walk around the grocery store or downtown for twenty minutes before just giving in to hanger and deciding on a standby (make tacos, order a pizza, etc).  We’ve also been trying to eat at home more, but I’m underwhelmed more often than not at the lack of flavors I’ve been able to pull together for myself.

Exasperated with wastefulness and palette boredom, I decided to give Blue Apron a try.  One of the things that instantly caught my attention was the perfectly portioned meals, so nothing goes to waste.  That was a huge selling point.  The other was the menu.  Instead of merely offering a slew of traditional American items, Blue Apron has a wide variety of original recipes that have all sorts of flavors including coconut curry, piccata, and chipotle; creating dishes I probably would never be able to concoct on my own.  When we went online to put together our first week’s menu, I was really impressed with the gourmet meals Blue Apron trusted us to create!

When I got the notification that my first Blue Apron box had been delivered (via Slice app!) I was a little nervous.  It was mid afternoon and I wouldn’t be home for a few more hours.  I was relieved when I started the unboxing and the meat was still nearly frozen thanks to the super strength ice packs and insulation.

The waste is a big selling point for me, and I imagine for most other people as well.  Almost all of the Blue Apron packaging can be recycled, and the meals are perfectly portioned out for you.  That means if B and I want to have burgers, we only get two buns, not eight like at the grocery store!

There is so much flavor in each dish I would highly recommend not using as much (or any) of the salt they recommend.  Our big takeaway: Blue Apron offers restaurant level flavor from your own kitchen.  Take a look at the pictures from my first box below (I used the handy Blue Apron app for filters and the recipe captions!)

My favorite dish of this box was the falafel pitas.  Luckily I was able to save the recipe on my Blue Apron app so that even when they’re not on the menu, I can make this easy and delicious recipe another night of the week, and try even more Blue Apron meals in my delivery box!

And now for my favorite part…. Click here to receive $30 off your first Blue Apron meal!  The program has great value and this deal just makes it that much sweeter!

If you have any questions about the Blue Apron program I would be more than happy to answer them!  Leave me a comment or send an email to – I love talking about it!

A special thank you to the Blue Apron Affiliate Program for working with me, and all of you for supporting the brands that make The Sol Compass possible!

Happy Cooking!

xo, C

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Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Welcome back friends!  I am not the least bit surprised that I have been living in these adorable yellow heels since they arrived on my doorstep.  For the cold and overcast New England days they are the perfect way to bring a touch of spring and sunshine into my outfits without breaking out the open toe shoes (there is still a foot of snow on the ground, after all).

Outfit Details – Sweater: GAP | Skirt: J.Crew (old, similar here and here) | Necklace: Banana Republic | Purse: Express | Heels: Charles by Charles David (more sizes available here, similar here) (last seen here) | Earrings: Treasure&Bond (sold out, similar here) | Lipstick: MAC ‘Kinda Sexy’ | Lipgloss: Too Faced ‘Papa Don’t Peach’


Thanks so much for stopping by!  Happy Hump Day!

xo, C


Coffee Run


I couldn’t wait until after the shoot to start drinking my coffee and that is the most real thing I’ve ever written on this blog.  My three most frequented coffeeshops see me in pretty much everything from post-workout attire to a suit and heels, but occasionally on the weekend I have a chance to put on an outfit solely for a coffee run.

My favorite thing about spring outfits is that they can be comfy and cute at the same time.  The slouchy nature of my pants and cardigan (and even my bag) are easy and loose enough for weekend brunch, but put together in case I wind up seeing someone while I’m out and about.  Not you, beloved baristas.  You get to see me in anything because #truelove.


Outfit Details – Top: Banana Republic Factory Store | Sweater: J.Crew Factory | Pants: GAP | Heels: Sam Edelman | Sunglasses: Elizabeth and James | Bag: Lucky Brand | Necklace: Elizabeth and James | Bracelet: LC Lauren Conrad | Rings: Bauble BarBanana Republic | Earrings: Treasure&Bond (sold out, similar here) | Lipstick: Kat Von D ‘Cathedral’ | Lip gloss: Marc Jacobs ‘Sugar Sugar’ | Nail Polish: OPI ‘Madam President’

Thank you all for stopping by!  Have a wonderful week!

xo, C

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How to Make the Most of Your Weekend


Welcome back everyone!  I hope you all had a great week.  I was doing some reflecting and realized that I scarcely have that Sunday night feeling of regret/dread that I used to, so I must have learned what works for me in the past few years.  While every person is different, these are some things I’ve noticed have helped me


Don’t leave anything unresolved.  I know it is tempting to run out the door on Friday afternoon, but I’ve found that it’s worth the extra 15 minutes to stay later and finish everything that I’m working on.  I’m the type of person to let an unresolved issue or a conflict I have to address eat away at me for days until it’s solved, so tying up any loose ends on Friday is worth staying late so that I can have a relaxed and stress free weekend.


Schedule downtime for Friday night.  There are plenty of weekends when I don’t feel like I need any downtime at all.  If I do have a long and tiring week that makes me feel like I need time to do nothing, that time happens on Friday night.  Getting myself totally reset right away makes it so much easier for me to get on with my weekend than say, going out Friday night and putting that needed rest time off until later in the weekend, because without hitting that reset button I could just drag on all weekend and never make the most of the weekend.  Last weekend was super chilly so I spent the evening reading Bruce Springsteen’s book that’s been sitting on my shelf for months and looking into buying new pots for my growing succulents.  It was heavenly!


Get going on Saturday morning.  Nothing makes me feel worse than waking up on a weekend morning and scrolling through my Instagram feed for an accidental two hours.  Yikes.  Instead I go to yoga at 8:30 every Saturday morning.  It’s late enough that I can sleep in a little bit if I need to, but early enough that I can’t really dawdle in the morning.  Plus I’ve found that yoga is the best weekend exercise since it really resets my hectic mind and allows me to stretch out some of the tension I’ve been holding on to, thus starting my weekend off on a completely clear slate.


Do something you love.  Everyone who knows me knows that Saturdays are for adventures.  After a long week, or even a short one for that matter, I always look forward to doing things on Saturday.  I believe that life has to be lived more than just on vacation, so Saturday is my day to do just that.  For me it can be anything from going to a museum, exploring a fellow New England city, or just heading to a cool brunch spot.  Saturdays are all about exploration, and trying new things gives me a reason to get up and out of the house on Saturdays.  This means if it’s rainy, hitting up a museum or if it’s sunny, hitting up a hiking trail.


Don’t waste Sunday afternoon.  Sunday afternoon by far can be the worst part of the weekend for many people.  Sometimes 4 o’clock rolls around and the Monday dread starts to kick in, even though there is still plenty of time left to enjoy the weekend.  When football season is over, I find myself making plans for Sunday evening so I don’t collapse on the couch into an endless internet scroll.  Sometimes it’s a family dinner to look forward to or a movie night with my mom.  In warmer weather, B and I take a twilight stroll or run to work off all the brunch food.


Schedule something to look forward to.  B and I have a regular Taco Tuesday reservation for many reasons (the most obvious being our undying love for tacos).  This also gives us something to look forward to on Sunday night.  Instead of dreading the work week, it’s a great opportunity to look for that early or mid week reward (my parents were always more into rewards than punishments when I was a kid, so this might explain a lot about my belief in the reward system).  For others it might be Margarita Monday or a Tuesday spin class… Whatever it is that actually keeps you looking forward into the week.


Don’t spend your entire weekend doing chores.  I heard somewhere (presumably Oprah) that housework can take as long as you let it, and it really resonated with me.  There’s never really a set end point for chores, especially if you’ve been meaning to clean out a closet or tackle a larger project.  Doing chores is just like more work, and really takes away from the enjoyment of a weekend.  Instead I’ve been trying to check them off on a weekday evening when I wouldn’t do much other than eat dinner and watch a movie.  My current project right now is cleaning out my closet, so instead of spending an entire weekend doing it I’ve been trying to just take out three things to sell or donate every day.  It’s easy to do while I’m getting ready, and I’ve found that I might be more willing to part with something if it doesn’t feel like I’m getting rid of so much all at once.


What are your tips for making the most of your weekend?  Sound off in the comments below!

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Soft Gray

Happy Hump Day everyone!  Lately I have been loving soft shades of gray to kickstart those spring vibes.  They serve as a cross between a neutral and a pastel, and anchored in the bright red of this skirt it makes for a fun and bright look, ready to welcome in spring with open arms.


Outfit Details – Sweater: GAP | Skirt: J.Crew (old, shop more red skirts here, here, and here) | Heels: Vince Camuto (similar with more sizes here, here, and here) | Necklace: Elizabeth and James | Bracelet: LC Lauren Conrad | Rings: Bauble BarBanana Republic | Earrings: Treasure&Bond (sold out, similar here) | Lipstick: Kat Von D ‘Cathedral’ | Lip gloss: Marc Jacobs ‘Sugar Sugar’ | Nail Polish: OPI ‘Madam President’

Thanks for reading!  Have a great day!

xo, C


Wrap It Up


Welcome back everyone!  This weekend was an unfortunate step back in weather, but as far as my outfits are concerned I’m plowing forward straight on until spring.  I chose to celebrate the warmest and sunniest (albeit windiest!) day we had with some bare legs.  To keep myself anchored in ‘winter’ I wore this burgundy dress, but I lightened it up with a denim jacket and blush flats.  I know denim jackets are a rather divisive subject in the fashion world, but my Lucky Brand jacket has traveled around the world with me, is super soft, and can go with literally anything; so safe to say I will not be parting with it in the foreseeable future, thanks to equal parts sentimentality and functionality.


Outfit Details – Dress: Adrianna Papell (obsessed with it in blue!) | Denim Jacket: Lucky Brand | Shoes: Kelly and Katie | Bag: French Connection | Earrings: Banana Republic (old, similar here) | Lip gloss: Bobbi Brown ‘Petal’ | Lipstick: NARS ‘Dolce Vita’ | Nails: OPI Washington DC ‘Inside the ISABELLEtway’

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great week!

xo, C

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Lighter Leather

I know I have said ad nauseam how ready I am for spring, but this week I decided I had to take advantage of one more opportunity to wear leather.  I bought this skirt on sale at the end of January, so it didn’t see the full fall/winter season of wear.  Does this mean that everyone saw me wearing it once per week for a month?  Yep.  Do I feel badly about it?  Not even a little bit.

Outfit Details – Sweater: GAP | Skirt: Ann Taylor (sold out, similar here) | Heels: Sole Society | Purse: Vera Bradley | Necklace: Elizabeth and James | Bracelet: LC Lauren Conrad | Rings: Bauble Bar, Banana Republic | Earrings: Treasure&Bond (sold out, similar here) | Lipstick: Kat Von D ‘Cathedral’ | Lip gloss: Marc Jacobs ‘Sugar Sugar’ | Nail Polish: OPI ‘Madam President’

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

xo, C